About Livia 

Lívia Paula – not Olivia, not Bolivia, just Lívia. The “i” has a little accent, like Salvador Dalí. I’m a 25-year-old communications specialist currently working in the corporate communications field while pursuing an M.S. in Corporate Communications and Public Relations at New York University.

In 2009, I moved from Brazil to New York City. You know, the whole "American Dream" spiel. After years of being fascinated with information, writing and the English language, I graduated from St. John’s University in 2016 with a B.S degree in Journalism (no pun intended).

I created liviapaula.com so I could continue to share creative, personal and informative content.

Fun facts: I interned at Rolling Stone Magazine my senior year of college. Some people call me a walking jukebox and I wish I memorized math formulas as well as I remember lyrics. I have a guitar since I was 10. I have not played the guitar since I was 10. Serendipity is my favorite word. I love popcorn with hot sauce and Andy Warhol's polaroids (or polaroids in general).

You may call me Liv.